Tech Computer Review: Unveiling the Pros and Cons


In the ever-evolving world of technology, finding reliable information about computer products is crucial., a relatively new player in the tech blogging scene, aims to provide insights into various computer-related topics. In this review, we’ll explore the website’s offerings, its credibility, and whether it’s a trustworthy source for tech enthusiasts.

About, established in September 2022, focuses primarily on the Tech Blogs industry. Unfortunately, the website’s design leaves much to be desired, lacking essential metadata elements that could enhance its online presence. However, let’s delve deeper into its content.

The Good

  • Diverse Topics: covers a wide range of computer-related subjects, from hardware reviews to software tutorials.
  • Fresh Perspectives: The blog offers unique viewpoints, often exploring lesser-known aspects of technology.
  • Regular Updates: Despite its design flaws, the website consistently publishes new content.

The Not-So-Good

  • Credibility Concerns: The lack of metadata and poor design raises questions about the site’s reliability.
  • Sparse Company Details: provides minimal information about its team, mission, or background.
  • Medium-Low Trust Score: Scam Detector’s algorithm rates it at 48.9/100, indicating caution is advised.

Technical Analysis

  • Domain Age: has been around for approximately 1 year and 5 months.
  • Location: The website is registered in Iceland.
  • SSL Certificate: The SSL certificate is not valid.
  • WHOIS Data: Some details are hidden, which adds to the mystery.


While trendzgurujime shows promise, it needs significant improvements to gain users’ trust. As they enhance their back-end and provide more transparency, we hope to see better content and a higher trust index.


  1. Is a scam?
    • Not necessarily. While it has credibility concerns, it isn’t outright fraudulent. Exercise caution when using the site.
  2. What topics does cover?
    • focuses on various tech-related subjects, including hardware, software, and industry trends.
  3. Why is the trust score low?
    • The lack of metadata and design flaws contribute to the medium-low trust score.
  4. Should I rely on for computer advice?
    • It’s best to cross-reference information from multiple sources before making decisions.

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